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Our Services


Our clients innovate in health and medicine, biotechnology, and clean tech. 


Development of a patent portfolio must start with a clear vision of your business and technology areas.  We provide a clear, understandable, and graphic patent strategy summary, appropriate for Board meetings and investor discussions, to clearly and convincingly demonstrate your mastery of IP. 

Freedom to operate

Freedom to operate means that you are free to pursue your business and technology without infringing third party patents.  Our experience shows that it is best to perform a freedom-to-operate analysis early and address issues now, rather than waiting and ending up in a painful and expensive situation.

IP Transactions

Acquiring rights to intellectual property that you need to block others or secure freedom to operate involves negotiating licenses or buying intellectual property outright.  We handle license agreements, non-disclosure agreements, collaborative research agreements, and related transactions.

IP Diligence

Preparing for IP diligence is critical for any financing event.  We make sure everything is in order and you have a coherent and compelling story for investors that you can take to the bank.

Trade Secrets

Certain innovations are better kept as trade secrets rather than disclosed in patent applications.  Trade secrets are protected in employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, licenses and research contracts.  We advise clients on protecting this form of IP.

Patent Opinions

Non-infringement and invalidity opinions on third party patents can protect you against enhanced damages in litigation.   We advise when these are appropriate and, if so, provide them.

Client Education

There are many hidden opportunities in IP.  There are also many hidden pitfalls.  We make sure that our clients understand both the opportunities and the pitfalls from the outset.  Intellectual property law can be complex, arcane, and often counterintuitive.  We give you what you need, clearly and understandably, so that you can navigate the course.

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